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How to Upate/Change Gmail Password, Phone Number and Themes?

When you use Gmail it is very important to keep the account updated with an interval of time. Gmail is free Email service which gives you great feature and also it is the universal Id for creating or signing up in any website for getting full access to any of the website. So if you lost the Gmail account password or user ID, It is a big issue for you. While, if you keep updating your Information you can prevent from such cases. Today we have come up with How to Change Gmail Password, Phone Number, Settings, Privacy Control, Timezone, Themes, and more?

So here let us discuss how to update your personal details in the Gmail account. But first, you must create a Gmail account in order to use it. But if you have already got the account in the Gmail.

How to Create Gmail Account?

So the first this you have to do is get your PC or phone where you can access the internet. And now if you are PC, you can go direct to the official website to create the Gmail. While if you have a phone you must download a Gmail application in your phone.

Create Gmail account

  1. Go to the official website of Gmail Login.
  2. Enter your Personal details including Phone number and alternative Email id
  3. Now you will receive a Code SMS from which you will be able to sign up your Gmail account.
  4. Finally, you can get the Gmail account easily.

How to Change Gmail Password, Phone Number, and Other Account Information?

Change Gmail Password

Now updating the information will not take much time, just follow the simple steps mentioned below-

  1. Login to your Gmail Account
  2. Click on the Setting of the Account
  3. Here you can make the following changes in your Account.

For updating the Latest Information, you can do the following setup as shown below-

  1. Edit your basic account information- Here in this section you can change your basic information like the personal details- Name, Address, gender, phone number etc. So that you can keep on updating your information in your Gmail account.
  2. Change Gmail Password- This is a very important step that will help you both to get full secured account & security and also you can get keep the password remembered when you frequently changed it.
  3. Control how other people see you- Privacy is the main preference for many of the user in the Gmail account. And you can control that too, by choosing either the people can see you not you either in the Gmail account or other Google site like- Hangout or Google Plus.
  4. Time zone- Set the time of your own choice zone, like when you travel to some country and you found your phone to be set in your original country’s time zone.
  5. What Google does with this information?- Google can use the information and help you to get connected with your closest people in the Google’s social sites like Google Plus, Hangouts etc.


So in this manner, you are getting full control over your Gmail account and the email id which is essential for any user to have. And thus keep updating your account for better and tighter security and also privacy. As Gmail ID is used all another website, you will also receive the latest information on your favorite site on every publish they do. Thus keep your Gmail account safe and secured.

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