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Gmail is one of the most commonly and widely used by the user which is a free web-based email service provided by Google Company. Using Gmail is an easy, secure and protected site where millions of people are using Gmail Login Account for the means of faster communication, sending files and lot more. It allows anyone to send instant messages to your contacts available online quickly and easily, and you can also send a lot of attachments. It is easily accessible, and people have good experience using the email service keep connected and well-organized across with your loved ones. Check steps to recover forgot Gmail password below.

Signing up for the Gmail Account is easy, and you can enjoy the free instant messages once you enter into the Google world. It will also give you connected with Google Drive and lot more. If anytime you forgot your Gmail password, don’t’ worry. If you do not know how to recover Forgot Gmail Password, you can follow the simple steps that will help you to recover Forgot Gmail Password quickly without any problems.

How to Recover Forgot Gmail Password and Gmail Account?

If you have trouble signing in for Gmail Account because of you, have forgotten your Gmail password, and you can’t remember then here’s what you should have to know to recover Forgot Gmail Password.

Forgot Gmail Password

  1. Step-I: You have to go to the Google Account Recovery Page. If you have provided an alternate email address or phone number with your account, Google will send you a link with your associated phone number or email address. If you haven’t provided these options, you can look at this simple methods.You have to visit>>accounts>>recovery to start the process. Open the Google page and click on Need Help on the login page.
  2. Step-II: Now select I Don’t Know My Password. Once you have selected, you will be asked to enter your Google account email for which you would like to recover. In case you don’t remember your username. Still, you will have to select the option and then Click on Continue.
  3. Step-III: After clicking Continue, you will able to see the option to enter your last known password, click on I don’t know. You can also enter the last known password if you remember that will help you to recover Forgot Gmail Password.
  4. Step-IV: Now you have to choose the recovery option either through a mobile number or alternate email address that are associated with your account. If you decide to receive information to your phone number, then Google will send you information to your phone via automated SMS or call. If you wish to receive the information through an alternative email address, then you will be taken to the account recovery survey.
  5. Step-V: Once you have received the verification code to your phone number or alternate email address, you will need to enter the verification code in the box, and if you have received the verification code through email, you will have to click on given link.
  6. Step-VI: After entering the verification code, you can now create a new password. You will have to enter the secure and reliable password twice to confirm and then Click on reset password to continue. Enter the password so it will be easy for you memorize.
  7. Step-VII: Next is you have to fill in the password recovery form. Filing up the recovery form will help you when you cannot remember the above two options to recover Forgot Gmail Password. But you must note that this recovery form is not instant as the employee of Google will review. No doubt, you can try it for many times until you get the right answer.

How Does the Google Account Recovery Form Work?

Get Google Account Recovery Form Click here

  • You must enter the working email address because the response to your recovery form will be sent it there.
  • Suppose you don’t have a working email address then you can create a new one for free in just a few minutes.
  • You will have to choose the last time you have accessed the Google account for the recovery. It need not be the exact one but guessing close will have the chances of recovering your account.
  • Next, you will have to choose the date you have created your account and no need to enter the exact time.
  • Next, answer the security questions that are associated with your account when asked to respond.
  • You can also enter the addresses that you often contacted. There is a chance of entering the address up to five times.
  • You can also select the other Google Products like Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, etc. with approximate dates that you have started using it.
  • Finally, you can submit your recovery form by Clicking on the Submit button. And your questionnaire will be sent it across to Google for review. After the review is completed, you will be contacted by Google about the results of studies you have provided in your email address. Your IP address will be logged off to help the recovery of account and also will prevent you from fraudulent.
  • If you still cannot recover your account, you can try for the recovery form again with specific answers.
  • The sad thing is Google does not have a customer service department to recover lost password and does not have beyond methods as mentioned above to recover Forgot Gmail Password.

How to Create Gmail Account?

To Create a Gmail Account is easy and quick, all you need to do is provide the necessary information required, and once you have created you will be able to enjoy the Google services, stay connected, send instant messages and lot more. If you don’t have an account with Gmail, then you can follow the simple steps below.

  • Firstly, you will have open the web browser and to go to www.
  • Secondly, you will able to see the sign in page and the below Click on Create Account.
  • Thirdly, on the sign-up page, you have to fill in your personal details in the required boxes.
  • Fourthly, after providing your complete details and agreeing to the Google Terms and Conditions, click on next step.
  • Fifthly, you will be given an opportunity to set up recovery options which will help you in future to recover Forgot Gmail Password. If you don’t want to set up recovery option, then you can click on the Done button.
  • Sixthly, now your Gmail account is created and the Google welcome page will appear and can start to use.


The steps mentioned above to recover Forgot Gmail Password and Gmail account would be helpful for anyone who is unaware and doesn’t know how to recover Forgot Gmail Password easily by just following the simple steps easily and quickly. You don’t have to be worried about losing or if you happen to forget your password anytime you try to log in.

How to Upate/Change Gmail Password, Phone Number and Themes?

When you use Gmail it is very important to keep the account updated with an interval of time. Gmail is free Email service which gives you great feature and also it is the universal Id for creating or signing up in any website for getting full access to any of the website. So if you lost the Gmail account password or user ID, It is a big issue for you. While, if you keep updating your Information you can prevent from such cases. Today we have come up with How to Change Gmail Password, Phone Number, Settings, Privacy Control, Timezone, Themes, and more?

So here let us discuss how to update your personal details in the Gmail account. But first, you must create a Gmail account in order to use it. But if you have already got the account in the Gmail.

How to Create Gmail Account?

So the first this you have to do is get your PC or phone where you can access the internet. And now if you are PC, you can go direct to the official website to create the Gmail. While if you have a phone you must download a Gmail application in your phone.

Create Gmail account

  1. Go to the official website of Gmail Login.
  2. Enter your Personal details including Phone number and alternative Email id
  3. Now you will receive a Code SMS from which you will be able to sign up your Gmail account.
  4. Finally, you can get the Gmail account easily.

How to Change Gmail Password, Phone Number, and Other Account Information?

Change Gmail Password

Now updating the information will not take much time, just follow the simple steps mentioned below-

  1. Login to your Gmail Account
  2. Click on the Setting of the Account
  3. Here you can make the following changes in your Account.

For updating the Latest Information, you can do the following setup as shown below-

  1. Edit your basic account information- Here in this section you can change your basic information like the personal details- Name, Address, gender, phone number etc. So that you can keep on updating your information in your Gmail account.
  2. Change Gmail Password- This is a very important step that will help you both to get full secured account & security and also you can get keep the password remembered when you frequently changed it.
  3. Control how other people see you- Privacy is the main preference for many of the user in the Gmail account. And you can control that too, by choosing either the people can see you not you either in the Gmail account or other Google site like- Hangout or Google Plus.
  4. Time zone- Set the time of your own choice zone, like when you travel to some country and you found your phone to be set in your original country’s time zone.
  5. What Google does with this information?- Google can use the information and help you to get connected with your closest people in the Google’s social sites like Google Plus, Hangouts etc.


So in this manner, you are getting full control over your Gmail account and the email id which is essential for any user to have. And thus keep updating your account for better and tighter security and also privacy. As Gmail ID is used all another website, you will also receive the latest information on your favorite site on every publish they do. Thus keep your Gmail account safe and secured.

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