Copy, Print, Scan Warranty: The machine enters the sub code input standby state. Page 43 Select the actual size of paper to be used for printing B5 or Invoice. And Sharpdesk Composer combines different types of files into a single document through simple drag-and-drop operation. Select the order of the pages. Spectral sensitivity characteristics Standard characteristics It is composed of the optical unit and the drive unit. Page 38 2 Manual multi paper feed operation 3 When pawl C of the manual paper feed clutch sleeve is engaged with the manual feed latch, the manual feed stopper 1 Before paper feed operation, the manual paper feed solenoid falls and the manual take-up roller rises.

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Automatic Exposure Adjustment Automatic exposure adjustment This automatic exposure level will remain in effect until you change it again by this procedure.

This chapter provides basic information for using the unit. Button Shaarp allows you to configure six sets sharp al 2021 scanning settings as a scan menu on the machine. Replace only with the same or equivalent type ak by the manufacturer. Page 63 2 Execute SIM 4 If the measurement value is out of the specified range, change the set value and sharp al 2021 the adjustment procedure.

Transfer A bias potential is applied to the MG roller in the two component The visible image on the drum surface is transferred onto the print magnetic brush developing method, and the toner is charged nega- paper by sharp al 2021 a positive charge from the transfer corona to the tive through friction with the carrier.

Select the number of pages per sheet. Page 54 Press the start key. Sharp al 2021 the tab of the scan menu that you want to set up. Select the order of the pages.

Making two-sided copies Place the original s on the document glass or in the SPF. United States and other countries.

Sharp AL2021 20 cpm A4 Black and White Copier

Main scanning direction magnification ratio The sharp al 2021 magnification ratio must be adjusted in the main scan- Copy image dimensions ning direction and in the sub scanning direction. Follow the on-screen instructions. The automatic exposure level can be adjusted to suit your copying needs. Adjusting The Brightness And Contrast Of The Image, Image Adjustment Adjusting the brightness and contrast of the image Image Adjustment The brightness and contrast can be adjusted in snarp print settings when printing a photo sharp al 2021 other image.

Sharp AL-2021 Service Manual

Before performing this adjustment, be sure to check that the and the OC glass together, and close the Zl. Set the original and check the paper sharp al 2021. It has the feature of standard sort that improves the productivity quotient of the model. Adding a watermark to printed pages Watermark Faint shadow-like text can be added to the background of the printed image as a watermark.

Scanning is not possible during a copy job. Disassembly procedure 1 Remove four screws, and remove the rear cabinet and a sharp al 2021 cabinet cover. In the “Scanning Source” menu, select the location where you placed the original in Step 1.

Installing the Sharp al 2021 Software 14 Follow the instructions in the plug and play window to install the driver. When installing is finished, click the “Close” button.

Gently remove the misfed paper from under the fusing unit as shown in the illustration. Select the printer name configured sharp al a shared printer on a print server from the list.


Click the tab of the scan menu that you want to set up. When closing the covers, be sure to close the front cover securely and then close the side cover.

Scanning will start and the scanned data will be transferred to the application. First print time 8 sec. Initial settings of operation panel When the unit power is on, the operation panel will revert to sharp al 2021 initial settings when the time set with the “Auto clear time” setting p. Take the charger cleaner out sharp al 2021 holding the tab. Here we see that the AL comes with a host of powerful and attractive features such as multi functioning facility of print, copy and scan.

Loading Paper, Software, Power To Copier 6 Close the front cover and then the side cover by pressing the 5 Fan the paper and insert it into the tray.