Tell them you believe repair should be fair, affordable, and accessible. About us Who we are Under the hood Contact us Advertise with us. When you see the Palm logo, press the up button to confirm the hard reset. A single cradle could be developed to suit all the miniUSB Palms. So does anyone have an answer to the original question? The main application launcher also shares the new ability to add a background image behind the program icons.

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palmOne Zire 72 Review

See details for full description. I have been a Palm user currently a Zire71 with recent blems on the screen telling me a replacement is soon needed I am tired of buying stowaway, or more recently thin keyboards palmone zire 72 other add ons with the promise of universal connectors.

Pictures can automatically be saved to photo albums to either the handheld memory or an SD card. New on palmone zire 72 72 is the ability to select a background image for the agenda view. With a 64MB card, you can record up to 50 minutes of video.

Plug your Zire into the charger. Carry your tunes with you and listen to them using the built-in speakers or a pair of stereo headphones.

This is a once-in-a-generation chance to protect local repair jobs—the corner mom-and-pop repair shops that keep getting squeezed out by manufacturers.


Michael Palmone zire 72 tilt was a criminally smooth trick. It costs money, its slower and it serfs no purpose in Palm’s target area for the Zires.

Ryan Kairer April 28th, The palmOne Zire 72 is palmOne’s latest model in the consumer Zire line with a heavy emphasis on multimedia. In my standard torture test, I was able to surf the web palmone zire 72 Bluetooth while listening pzlmone a mp3 in the background with no noticeable slowdown.

The usage of OS 5.

Gone too is the 71’s slider mechanism, which separated the front and the back of the device sufficiently to expose its rear-mounted digicam. The small reset button on the back is large enough to be conveniently activated with the stylus tip. CESD zir stated the solution must come from PalmOne and the only workaround that he has been able to propose involves masking the palnone and returning to the legacy databases.

Get Our Best Stories! Accessories like all of the above you mention need to connect to a host. There are now nine custom fields izre a new birthday palmone zire 72, that will keep track and remind you palmone zire 72 an approaching birthday Palm calls this the marriage saving feature.

Now I have a keyboard for both my T3 and h I looked at the Tungsten’s, but decided I could use the built in camera more than palmone zire 72 wi-fi.

Zire 72 – Wikipedia

It also palmone zire 72 a new application button layout and a tungsten like 5-way navigator. On the top of the handheld from right to left is a clear green LED for alarms and indicates charging, that unfortunately does not turn off when fully charged. PalmOne Zire 72 Troubleshooting.


By connecting your Zire to your computer via USB cable, your computer may be able to palmone zire 72 charge your device. More typical use may yield a longer battery life. The silver one is better, I have it.

PalmOne Zire 72 • The Register

The bottom of the unit palmpne a small center protrusion that contains the mini-USB port and the separate power connection. Palmone zire 72 is simple and reliable. In palmone zire 72 Spirit of Umoja, Ronin.

Subscribing zier a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Is that miniUSB a master or a host?? The palmOne Zire 72 is palmOne’s latest model in the consumer Zire line with a heavy emphasis on multimedia. The speaker is quite loud and mp3’s and voice memos sound very clear, though most will opt for using headphones not included for listening to music. Get connected with built-in Bluetooth technology.

That’s a definite deal breaker for me.