So i replaced the SMD C24 with a normal nF condensator and the melted connection under the condensator. So, thanks to everybody who participated to this forum and shame on HP to don’t give this kind of solution! I believe your scanner motor is bad. I was certain my lamp was burned out, but I decided to take the advice of several other users. The scanner stopped and does its back-forth ever since. Took the printer apart and using the “do no harm” philosophy, cleaned at first just the underside of the glass and the rubber belt. HP Officejet g85 – multifunction printer color caaby.

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I also work on about officejet g85 scanner worthwhile all-in-one, portable, laser, color laser, plotter, etc whether dropped off for bench work, shipped to me for bench work or onsite if near enough. Anyone have another cause for the dreaded “scanner failure” message? HP Officejet g85 – multifunction printer color caabz. Well I also was getting the scanner failure message officejet g85 scanner after reading this board I decided to open that puppy up figuring ok the mirrors are dirty.

Download Hewlett-Packard OfficeJet G85 Scanner

CNET may get a commission from these offers. All the parts look good. It’s maybe a nF one, just putted here to help the 8L12A to have a cleaned power supply during high drain current. This is my bosses all officjet one and he smoke cigars. Now it works back officejet g85 scanner. Our G85 would “grind” when scanning but not when copying.

I am most grateful for your help! That clear rectangle thingy with the DIP outline on the inside of the scanner board is the CCD image sensor, officejet g85 scanner scans either or pixels, maybe more per line.

Given this, I assume the scanner box is what has failed. Good Luck Teri – Anonymous. We are unable to send more than a one page fax or make more than one copy at a time without having to shut officejet g85 scanner “all in one” officejet g85 scanner and restart.

Alignment Issue All colors must be printing to do a cartridge alignment. So, I was forced to replace the scanner motor assembly with one from a scrapped-out scannner.

I had the same problem officejet g85 scanner black ink leaking from the bottom right side of the unit, and when HP’s website offered no clues I Googled the problem and stumbled on your post. I might add on the scanner failure – use ispropyl alcohol first when cleaning the underside of the glass especially if in an industrial officejet g85 scanner dirty environment or where dirty heating like oil, coal, wood is used or smoking is normal.

With the Windows 7 driver, the buttons on the product might not function and some of the advanced product features are not available. This product was designated officejet g85 scanner be returned to HP. Acrobat 8 is not Windows compatible. And if anyone knows how to get rid of that alignment issue without having to align each and every time, I would greatly appreciate that also.

Not having a G85 to look at, I can’t completely visualize whats going on. I have them in all sizes plus other type bits because on I work on this stuff all the time. How does HP install officejet g85 scanner and gather data?

HP Officejet g85 All-in-One Printer series

There are only so many officejet g85 scanner in the scanner to go wrong. The treatment I received when I called HP somewhere in India – home users offifejet apparently has been officejet g85 scanner was unbelievable.

The waste ink from priming the cartridges has overflowed from the service station. Not a single new part needed, just cleaning. We put it all back together and no more grinding noise, but the “Scanner Failure” is still coming up.

We had to officejet g85 scanner the Printers back to be worked on in all cases they offivejet covered under the warrenty and were officejet g85 scanner with refurbished machaines at this present time 1 of the 3 is now doing the same thing again. Hello, Thanks for some great info on how to open the scanner, clean it and fix the “Home” problem White strip.

I fix back all piece and tested!!! I also have grinding and scanner failure problems. Please officejet g85 scanner a Product Number to complete the request. One or more of the values entered is not permitted.