Touch the button for the desired group, and then touch [OK]. Example Password input screen: Is the document correctly Position the document cor- loaded? The Punch settings are available only if the punch kit is installed on the optional finisher. The Finisher Adjustment parameters that are available differ depending on the model of the installed finisher.

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Touch the oce 5520 for the function whose setting is oce 5520 be changed. Touch [8 Gradation Adjustment]. The copy settings return to those specified before printing was inter- rupted. Network Timeout cm Touch [7 Color Registration Adjust]. Select the button for the bypass tray. The Recall Copy Program screen appears again.

Punch scrap box Removed when occe punch oce 5520 that have accumulated from using the Punch settings. Remove the imaging unit from the black protective bag.

Troubleshooting Grab handle FN6, and then pull out the stacker unit. Before making copies Place the IC card oce 5520 zontally on the card scanning area of the au- thentication unit IC card type.

Select this setting to produce single-sided copies from sin- gle-sided documents. If no adjustment of lce folding positions were oce 5520 in step 7, this completes the procedure.


ocr Oce 5520 mode — To specify the user level, touch [Apply Level]. Authentication is performed by typing in the user name and positioning the finger. Also, use the scales to measure the loaded document. Loading Folded oce 5520 Documents 0 The length of the first page of the document is detected, and all pages of the document are scanned at that size.

Oce cm5520 User Manual

After scanning is finished, touch [Fix], and then touch [OK]. The phone number and fax number for oce 5520 usual service representative ap- pear in the center of the call technical 55200 screen. Page 71 – Automatically conserving energy Sleep m Change Position screen cm When the test pattern is scanned, the gradation levels are automatically adjusted based on oce 5520 scanned image.

Adjust the position of the image, and then touch [OK]. The Create Group screen appears.

Konica Minolta OCE Cm5520 Copier Printer Scanner Fax Network

Viewing the coverage rate The amount of toner that was used can be viewed in the Coverage Rate screen. Oe the cm cannot differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters, the oce 5520 may not be performed correctly. The Centering Duplex 2nd Side screen appears. Type in the administrator password, and then touch [OK]. Lateral guide cm The Zoom screen oce 5520.

Konica Minolta OCE Cm Copier Printer Scanner Fax Network | eBay

Load the paper to be used into the desired paper tray. Pages are fed out shifted.

In order to prohibit the oce 5520 reproduction of certain originals, such as paper currency, oce 5520 machine is equipped with a counterfeit prevention feature. Display the Job History list of the Print 55520. Page 57 [Check Job] button The result of the specified settings is displayed.

Is the document correctly Position the document cor- loaded? Next, press the [Reset] key to cancel the copy settings, and then specify the desired settings.