None of this bears the slightest resemblance, however, to theories of a sort of pan-Babylonian prophetic liturgy proposed by men like Sellin and Fohrer who isolate some three groups of liturgical material in Nahum. Even normally quick movements can cause stumbling. Gleason Archer remarks, As long as the wicked continued to triumph their prosperity seemed to refute the holiness and sovereignty of the God of Israel. The word appears in v. How one expresses that intolerance determines whether or not it is sin.

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God is a just governor of the nations who will punish wicked Nineveh and restore His own people. Pontifical Biblical Institute, ], pp.


The verbal form could also be viewed as a piel imperfect thd masc. Peter reports that He similarly delays the great day of judgment so as to prolong the day of salvation 2 Pet.

The difficulty of this well-known crux and the uncertainty reflected in the ancient versions cf.

An interesting parallel to vv. The scriptural record likewise indicates that the Judahite king paid a huge tribute to Sennacherib and that the Assyrian king spent considerable time in taking the key towns of Lachish and Libnah in the western Shephelah 2 Kings So poor and wretched will she be that only the God who planned her doom will be there to mark out her lowly grave in the ruins of the once proud city.

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Nahum ESV – The Destruction of Nineveh – The – Bible Gateway

Enrich your faith and grow in spiritual maturity with the incredible Bible study and devotional books listed below. Not only must the difficulty of establishing the precise meanings of the words involved in the two figures be solved, but once the meanings are established the resultant figures must be related to the third image of the verse: Three easy steps to start your free trial subscription to Bible Gateway Plus.

The noun is cognate accusative. Although Diodorus tells of a protracted siege of more than two years, Assyriologists suggest that the evidence indicates a campaign that took little more than three months. The section flows in two movements.

McGraw-Hill, ; see also R. Their heads I cut off. Soncino Books,p. With the chertiot of the hymn, Nahum turns to the two nations and their capitals that are the subject of his prophecies. Upgrade to the best Bible Gateway experience! Contemporary critical scholarship tends to hold that at least one-third of the material was written by someone other than Nahum.

Other literary features in this section include merismus v. In a simile depicting Nineveh as a harlot, Nahum declares that Nineveh, like any prostitute, will be exposed to public shame cf.


History attests that Sennacherib compared himself to a lion, decorating his palace freely with sphinxlike lion statues. It was guarded by massive fortifications and walls. Although this scenario was doubtless usually the case, such was not always true.

Nahum takes his place beside Isaiah Indeed, the prophecies concerning the siege and fall of Nineveh stand as a remarkable example of fulfilled prophecy. What is the river in verse 6? I drove out of thempeople, young and old, male and female, horses, mules, donkeys, camels, big and small cattle beyond counting and considered them booty.

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There will be no second rebellion. Such a position also best allows the elements of supernaturalism and predictive prophecy to be felt. Although he failed to subdue Jerusalem, the booty that he carried away from the campaigning was enormous.

Nahum begins his prophecy with a notice of its central focus—Nineveh 1: Cherrkot, because the pl.