See details for description of any imperfections. The PrecisionScan LT driver software runs, automatically pre-scans, automatically highlights the object on the scan bed, automatically figures out what it’s looking at photo, line art or text , automatically chooses an appropriate colour mode and resolution, and asks you where you want to send the scan – to one of a list of programs or to a file. Every cheapo scanner in the world has some preposterously high resolution figure on its brochure, which tells you the maximum image resolution you can dial up in the scanner driver software. But they’re not terribly fast, and tend to paralyse the computer while they do their thing. Best Selling in Scanners See all. All of my complaints about this scanner would go away if only PrecisionScan LT offered an “advanced” mode that worked like every other ordinary scanner driver on the planet. Since this flatbed scanner has an excellent capability of scanning plain paper in color mode, you can create digital records with high-definition easily and rapidly for preservation or processing.

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Utilize the most efficient amount of space necessary to get hewlett packard scanjet 4100c scanning task completed thanks to the functional shape on the HP C. Once you’ve done that, it just works. I should have known better. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

Custom resolution and colour settings are remembered for each PrecisionScan session, but when you close the scan driver it forgets the custom settings and hewlett packard scanjet 4100c automatically again the next time you press the scan button. With most scanners, you have to put what you want on the scan hewlett packard scanjet 4100c, then run a paint program or something else that can take scanner input, then use the Acquire option in the File menu to access the scanner’s TWAIN driver which you previously have to install with the other scanner software, then manually select in the programs you want to use itthen set the resolution you want to scan at, then do a pre-scan, then draw a box around the thing you want to scan, and maybe tweak the brightness or gammathen do the scan.


You need to run the driver installation software before you plug the scanner in.

Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 4100C USB flatbed scanner

In my tests it did well with normal jobs – colour photos, black and white documents, but identified various odd objects incorrectly. I never noticed PrecisionScan hewlett packard scanjet 4100c anything really terrible, like erasing colour detail in a scan because it thought it was looking at a block of an even hewlett packard scanjet 4100c this is a feature, not a bug – it makes things like coloured logos come out betterbut that doesn’t mean it never will. But I found that the scanner was so old that it was not compatible with my computer AND HP no longer has any software or drivers for it.

This is HP’s entry level home scanner, and the strong emphasis in hardware and software is simplicity. USB is a very handy innovation. Pretty much every PC made in the last year or so has USB ports, but most of them are currently sitting there empty, which is a shame because USB is a really elegant, simple way to connect large numbers of low to medium speed peripherals like modems and mouses and cameras and scanners.

hewlett packard scanjet 4100c The HP scanner always does a ten second lamp warmup before its pre-scan, so pre-scans are also slower – about 40 seconds, versus a mere 12 for the cheaper Avision.

But since it doesn’t, and since there does not appear to be an alternative driver available, the ScanJet C remains a scanner for the masses, not the pros. Another time-saver is PrecisionScan’s handling of multiple items hewlett packard scanjet 4100c one scan.

So you have to put up with a slow prescan, but the actual scan time is often zero! HP Enterprise Flow Scanner. Oh, I don’t know about this. For the money it’s decent, but not paclard, value. If you just want to knock out a load of scans, this is a pain.


Best Selling in Scanners See all. Good idiot proof low cost brand name package USB connection is fast and simple.

HP Scanjet c Scanner Free Driver Download (Official) for Windows XP () –

It is impossible to change settings before you do a pre-scan, only after sacnjet done it and decided on some automatic settings. A scanner that costs half as much will give much the same output quality, provided you can can put hewlett packard scanjet 4100c with a parallel port interface.

Hewlett packard scanjet 4100c scanners move their scan heads past the document to capture its image. The actual maximum resolution of the scanner is determined by its optical and mechanical resolution, but the software can duplicate pixels to give the impression of much higher resolution.

You can’t turn the auto features off, and you can’t tweak the settings. It also unhelpfully “straightened” scans of 3D objects when it found elements that looked hewlett packard scanjet 4100c if they were crooked, when they actually weren’t, because it wasn’t allowing for perspective.

HP ScanJet C Flatbed Scanner | eBay

You may also like. Show More Show Less. Should have known better. You can always jack the front up with a magazine, anyway. What you get If you do not share my hewlett packard scanjet 4100c about the Reprehensible Decline of Form Following Function, you’ll probably quite like the look of the ScanJet C, HP’s current lowest cost flatbed model.

You can send your scan to an image editor, a fax program, or a word processor.