Point of crossover is a little above 3. The other 2 aren’t far behind. What drivers are 96dB. The FE really wants a horn, and they are best built with good ply. I’m quite happy to have something 6ft tall. Find More Posts by chrisb.

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Here fostex fe126e have the crossover board well away from the driver magnets. They have a crisp and vivid presentation and there’s enough bass to get a good idea of what is happening in the lower end of the spectrum. In the case of Saburo that would mean input terminals at the center of rear panel, fostex fe126e wiring a straight line vostex the deflector prism that forms the bifurcation.

I add two rubber strips under fostex fe126e board and fasten it with two screws. Fostex Fee blh recommended enclosure frequency response.

How good is the Fostex FEE for OB???

Driver placement on baffle. Is it best to just glue everything together, or use screws? I should fostex fe126e rearrange the room. Here is a link to youtube vid of the speakers playing. Fostex recommended enclosure FA.

The power is certainly right. The fe216e now is Fostex fe126e would have been highly surprised if the FEE had looked as good as claimed because we’re so used to manipulated marketing frequency response graphs. A midrange notch filter is needed to smooth the Hz range and the fostex fe126e series coil is paralleled by an RC circuit further reducing the 7 kHz peak.

Originally Posted by fostex fe126e. Due to the large magnet, it needs space to breathe. The size will sit nicely on my stands. These drivers can do things few other drivers can rostex. I like the way it handles vocals fostex fe126e most importantly, piano. The smooth decline from kHz appear to be a sharp dip starting around 16 kHz. Veneered MDF is f126e in 19mm but you say ply fostex fe126e best. I am a bass reflex guy, and have mine in a 15L slim floorstander.

Send fostex fe126e private message to chrisb. Actually I’m having difficulty finding this in the UK. I’ll check up on the damping factor. The minor peak at 5 kHz is the leftover from the FEE peak, damped by the 0.

Fostex recommended FE Enclosure. Frequency response again and port response blue. Originally Posted by planet I am not sure about how fostex fe126e db I gain from the horn.

They sound OK, but the data looks like it would fostex fe126e do so well in OB. Saburo looks like the one for me – I’ll probably wall-mount it.

I’ve seen those before somewhere. I’ve seen the FEE driver used in huge horn-loaded cabs fostex fe126e and I wonder how it sounds. What drivers are 96dB. As announced fosstex the heading, the term “high-efficiency mini” has to be taken with a grain of salt.