I know once I read it could be the lens in the player thats not letting me burn. Acer Aspire has two memory slots. That should tell you about the quality. Acer Laptop Bezels for Aspire. Check memory modules, try reseating them.

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If the ethernet acer 5100 is plugged im no longer able to cnct to the int. Could be software related issue. I have to much business stuff to loose that was not backed up from December.

Acer Aspire Computers/Tablets & Networking | eBay

That switch works fine. My processor as you know, is the Turion X2 with 1. I have acer 5100 some progress thank you, now I can turn on the laptop.

Take a look inside the heat sink. Test the laptop with each one separately. This is a wonderful site,thanks for it. While searching for a solution I found that acer 5100 issues I am facing are common with this series, I acer 5100 at a loss as to what I should do and where I should look next. Great guide, waiting for RAM upgrade to arrive tomorrow and this is a big help.

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First of acer 5100, try booting from a bootable CD. Hi guys, i can acer 5100 that the problem with my Aspire must be the controller on the hard drive. Wait until the laptop reboots and restores Windows.

Taking apart Acer Aspire – Inside my laptop

Is acee possibly the motherboard? My question is, does it sound like the hard drive? On first acer although screen is dim that acer 5100 only problem, because you can just about make out acer 5100 u doing on screen.

Replacing the HDD gives the same result.

It should take it to the boot menu. Try removing one of the memory modules and start the laptop with only one module acer 5100. An IDE hard drive has two rows of pins 47 pins total. Is there a way to reset the bios or cmos? I tried everything to fix it but nothing worked. First of all thanks for the site. Can someone explain if i acer 5100 clean it out more without removing all those other parts dvd, acer 5100 card, hard drive, ram, keyboard, etc.

All acer 5100 need is the motherboard, CPU with heat sink, memory and external monitor. Could be software related problem. Have acer 5100 successfully unmounted the bracket of the original hardrive? HP Omen axwm I think that the keyboard works but I have no idea where to purchase the clips you mentioned in step 7.


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I just cleaned the hard drive acer 5100 and also placed a small piece of EPP foam at the end of the hard drive to push it up with constant pressure against the contacts.

Please guide at my email id. I have cleaned the fan acer 5100 the ventilation using a vacuum cleaner.

It has been acer 5100 with water after that it doesnt boot up but the acer 5100 indicator would light up even I after I dried it up many times. I thought I had a recovery disk stuck it in to override and it worked fine but color looked different. The Aer, or the screen itself?